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Group Economics

Group economics is a system where people pool their resources together to start-up businesses and/or purchase real-estate together. Resources can be defined as money, skills, or knowledge. Each member of the group can provide one of the three or all three depending on the terms agreed by all members of the group

Mission Statement

Our biggest problem is not ideas. We have great ideas. Our biggest problem is capital and finding reliable people to build businesses and purchase real estate with. We can solve these problems by practicing Group Economics and this website is designed for you to choose from a pool of willing and capable people to go into business with. It’s not always wise to go at it alone, but if we build teams/groups that will lessen the burden and bring quicker success.

Black/Africans we are at war; at war against all the exploiters of our communities and countries. We have been losing because we are not united thus making us unorganized. R Stones was built to bring about order and serve as a headquarters to dispatch you to the battlefield.

This is the place for even if you presently own a business and are just looking to add business partners, investors, or find qualified employees.

This is the place for job applicants with a particular skill searching for employment within their community. This IS the PLACE. Finally, we have a place where we can connect with other serious people.

Fellow BP’s (Business People) do not go to our people, selling an inferior product or lack-luster service. We must perfect/master our businesses and live by the law of no excuses, tolerating no mediocrity among ourselves. And don’t let our people act like we are not in business to make money.

Meet each other, investigate each other’s background, and sign contracts with each other. Contracts are evidence and they establish trust among us.

Our people don’t have to suffer from poverty and want. Let’s provide jobs, food, clothing, and shelter for our own. Let’s go to work and rebuild the wasted cities and war-torn countries.

Gen Paul

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How to Join R Stones

First, click on Join then answer the few questions to create a profile. When completed, hit Done.  Now you’re registered in the system.  Others will be able to see your profile and interact with you from your profile.  You can edit changes to your profile at any time.  Remember you are unable to do anything on the website until you first create a profile.


• BP (Business Person) – includes Partners, Investors, and Employers. Does not include Employees.

• BPO (Business Proposed Opportunity)

Status Options

Listed below are 4 status options.  Complete ONLY the status that pertains to you.  If you complete more than one status your SAME profile will appear in whatever status areas you filled out for. Example:  If you completed the status of a Partner and Investor, then your SAME profile will be listed under Partners and Investors.

• Investors
• Employment Seeker
• Employers

Status Change

You have 4 options as a status:  Partner, Investor, Employee and Employer.  If you want to change your status at any point, just use the edit button. Please do not misrepresent yourself to others by registering for a status that you do not have the means to fulfill.

Multiple Status

At any point you can maintain multiple statuses even after you have completed the registration. Adding or removing a status can be achieved with the edit button but please do not misrepresent yourself

How to use the BPO (Business Proposed Opportunity) Section

If you have a business/investment/real estate or job opportunity this is the section that you will propose that opportunity. Go to that particular BPO answer all questions and hit done.  If any of your fellow BP’s are interested in your opportunity, they can leave you a message or if you are interested in an opportunity proposed by one of your fellow BP’s, you can leave them a message.

Remember, you are not restricted to just doing business locally – nationwide and globally is an option. You have the option to browse BPO’s anywhere in Africa or the Diaspora

1. Keep in mind the Business BPO can be ANYTHING that involves the selling of a PRODUCT or SERVICE that includes restaurants, clothing stores, dot coms, carpet cleaning etc..etc…

2. Real Estate BPO’s should be restricted to land that may or may not include property for the purposes of shelter or business.

3. Investor BPO’s should be a PARTICULAR business endeavor or venture that you as an Investor are willing to allocate capital towards with an expectation of a financial return.

4. For Employers BPO’s you will be listing a SPECIFIC job opportunity.

Make sure for ALL BPO’s you give as much pertinent info as you can without tipping off your competition

Ideas and Events

In here, should be posted any business related ideas. All who are interested can message you or you can browse the idea platform and message other BP’s. 

Ideas will be arranged in 4 sections: food, clothing, shelter, and other.  Please post your idea in the most relevant section so that it can be viewed accordingly.

Do not post BPO’s in here.  BPO’s are opportunities or plans, ideas are just brainstorming thoughts or conception.  Example of an Idea: ‘We need to get some BP’s together and make a franchise to compete with Jiffy Lube.’



This section will be available for ALL members to post events. Feel free to post ANY business/real-estate/ or job market related event. All posted events will appear on the calendar. You also have a search option if you are looking for particular events or certain locations


In this area you can post and browse information that will be helpful to you as a business/property owner/Investor/Employer and Employee. The information will be posted under the captions of states, federal, global, and common.  Come here to learn about taxes, credit, current laws, read insightful articles, etc. Each member of R Stones will be able to upload relevant information in this area. Please choose the appropriate caption to post the information under.


Entering dollar amounts

When entering any dollar amount do not put commas or decimals. Commas or decimals will appear after you post it.


If you want a BPO or Idea featured contact Admin and for a small fee it will be featured for a period of time


In here you can purchase apparel from the R Stones clothing line, as well as other products. Periodically, we will be offering significant discounts, so keep visiting for those advertised sales.

Coming Soon

Members Testimonials and Success Stories

Fellow BP’s and other members after you gain success and you will as long as you efficiently use this site for its purpose.  It will be appreciated if you post that success in this area.  It’s not required, but it will show the results of hard work.  We need to celebrate and enjoy our achievements plus it will be a great motivator for your fellow BP’s who are striving. Send us an email at for it to be approved.

Please make sure all material is appropriate

This is not a site for you to promote your product or service. Your business can be chosen to feature in ‘The Business of the Week’ section if you email us. If you have a success story from utilizing this site it can be featured in ‘Success Stories’ under the caption ‘About Us’ that too requires an email. All appropriate emails can be seen by clicking the caption ‘Contact Us.’

Any post that does not pertain to business, commerce, economics or real estate will be deleted without warning or explanation.

This website is specifically for Black/Africa and it’s Diaspora on the 7 continents, the islands and wherever they can be found. We reserve the right to reject your membership or delete your participation without a refund.

Thanks for joining and we wish you success


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